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Windows logs off immediately after logging in

Posted under Anti-Virus, Desktops, Laptops, Malware, XP

The other day while browsing the Internet I Found A Fix for a recent problem I was having. The issue is described as follows:

The problem was when logging into windows, it immediately logged off automatically. This was the same for each user account and even attempting to log in using Safe Mode.

This turned out to be due to userinit.exe not running correctly. A virus had hijacked the log in process, running its own executable instead of userinit.exe. A registry key referencing userinit.exe had been altered.

The solution is as follows:

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Top 10 Tips for Successful Virus Removal

Posted under Anti-Virus, Desktops, Internet, Laptops, Malware, Software, Vista, XP

There’s no one way to remove viruses, spyware and general pc problems. Your best bet is to throw as much as possible at these threats. Try the following; 

  1. Try Combofix. Disable whatever anti-virus you are currently running first and download here.
  2. Visit http://safety.live.com and click on “Full Service Scan”. Follow the steps for a complete scan.
  3. After this has completed, go to http://housecall.trendmicro.com/ and Click on “Scan Now. It’s Free”. Again, follow the steps for complete scan and removal of threats.
  4. From the control panel, Go to Add/Remove programs and remove any unnecessary programs. Look out for browser add-ins, search programs, free or demo software, shopping , advertising, toolbar extra’s, and so on. At the very least, this is good pc maintenance. If you have more than 1 ant-virus software, then remove at least one of them.
  5. Download and run RogueRemover.
  6. Download and Run SmitfraudFix
  7. Download, Install and run CCleaner – This is a free tool for removing temporary files, cookies, history, and cleaning up registry problems. Run the Cleaner and then the registry fix.
  8. Download, install and run Spybot – Search & Destroy –  Homepage is http://www.spybot.info
  9. To analyse and remove items from your startup list,  download HijackThis to a temporary directory. This tool is a great way to see what programs are starting up when you pc logs in to windows. My advice here is to remove obvious entries but consult Google for a second opinion. Be careful with this tool as you can adversely affect genuine programs such as your ant-virus software. Alternatively, you can use the startup manager in CCleaner to simply disable the startup items.
  10. If you do not have any anti-virus software, download AVG Free .

I hope you have Found A Fix!