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Internet Explorer Links will not open in a new window

Posted under Anti-Virus, Software, Vista, XP by ifoundafix

The other day while browsing the Internet I Found A Fix for a recent problem I was having. The issue is described as follows;

I could not access online banking or specific website links that “opened in a new window”. They might open but the new window would remain blank

The solution and description to this error is set out below;


Okay, I actually had this problem on two occasions. The first time was spyware and the second was a microsoft problem. If you just want an emergency woraround, i’d suggest you use FireFox Instead. you can download that here;  To resolve the problem I’d suggest you try them in this order.


To resolve this problem in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

1.            Quit all programs that are running.
2.            Click Start, and then click Run.
3.            Type regsvr32 urlmon.dll, and then click OK.
4.            When you receive the “DllRegisterServer in urlmon.dll succeeded” message, click OK.

If this does not resolve the problem, repeat steps 2 through 4 for each of the following files (in step 3, replace Urlmon.dll with each of the file names below):

  • Shdocvw.dll
  • Actxprxy.dll
  • Oleaut32.dll
  • Mshtml.dll
  • Browseui.dll
  • Shell32.dll

Restart the computer to enable the changes to take effect. If the problem is still not resolved, reinstall Internet Explorer. If you are using the version of Internet Explorer that is included with your operating system, reinstall or repair your operating system.


1. Download Killbox and Hijack This

Run Killbox and paste The FIRST ONE of these lines into the box, select delete on reboot then press the red X button, say yes to the prompt but NO to reboot now. Then, continue to paste the lines in turn and follow the above procedure every time.

C:\Program Files\ISTsvc\istsvc.exe

Then on killbox top bar press tools and then empty temp files and follow those prompts and say yes to everything . Next, reboot. After it reboots.

Run hijackthis, put a tick in the box beside these entries listed below and ONLY these entries, double check to make sure, then make sure all browser & email windows are closed and press fix checked

O2 – BHO: (no name) – {1C044AAD-7955-4cbd-8175-501A165C4E5D} – C:\WINDOWS\system32\req.dll

O20 – Winlogon Notify: req – C:\WINDOWS\system32\req.dll

I would like to acknowledge the assistance and thank both Microsoft and GeekstoGo.com for their assistance.

I hope you too have Found A Fix!

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