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Configuring DDNS on an Eircom Netopia Router

Posted under Routers by ifoundafix

The other day I Found A Fix for a recent problem I was having. The issue is described as follows;

I wanted to setup a DYNDNS.ORG account on my Eircom Netopia 3347NWG ADSL modem. There are no settings on the router itself for this. Luckily however, I found that I could add it using the following steps.

  1. Open Internet Explorer and login to your router. It’s usually
  2. Go to Expert Mode, Configure, Advanced and Router Password. Create an admin router login with password.
  3. Open a command prompt. Start, Run, type CMD and hit enter.
  4. Type telnet

      5. Enter username and password as previously created. Note: username is ‘admin’ by default.

      6. Type the following and change where relevant (IN BOLD)..

>set dynamic-dns option dyndns.org
>set dynamic-dns ddns-host-name yourhostname.dyndns.org
>set dynamic-dns ddns-user-name yourusername
>set dynamic-dns ddns-user-password youruserpassword

Restart your router

Finally, simply wait a couple of minutes for your router to sync with your dyndns account.

To test, simply ping the address i.e ping yourhostname.dyndns.org . you can also check the router logs for something like this: 00:00:00:37 Dynamic DNS update attempt returned good


If you receive this error: “Validation unsuccessful; cannot save current configuration.
You most likely have not entered the correct dyndns username and password correctly. Check all your settings including the new host and ensure it is identical from the dyndns login.

  1. Pat Said,

    Thanks a million…it worked just perfect, when I check the logs the message read DDNS: Initializing Service… There was never a mention of DDNS in the logs before the fix. When I can put it on a dsl connection I’ll know for sure.



  2. Collie147 Said,

    Fantastic!!! Been looking for this!!! You’re a legend!

  3. niall Said,

    this is great
    just what was required
    Does the netopia router also support no-ip?

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