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WordPress Automatic Upgrade – ‘could not initiate maintenance mode’

Posted under Coding, Dreamweaver by ifoundafix

The other day while browsing the Internet, I Found A Fix for a recent problem I was having. The issue is described as follows;

I was trying to enable and test the plugin for wordpress that allows me to perform an automatic upgrade when I received the error ‘could not initiate maintenance mode’.

The solution and description to this error is set out below; 

For me, it was a case of not checking the FTP and Directory Settings correctly.

The plugin actually explains this but I had missed it! See below..

What is your FTP Base Directory. If you have installed wordpress inside public_html folder then your base ftp directory is /public_html
If your you have installed your wordpress in public_html/wpau folder then your base ftp directory is /public_html/wpau
If you install the wordpress into the root directory then your base directory will be /

 Sample FTP Credentials

FTP Username –   ifoundafix

FTP Password  – Pa55w0rd

FTP Base Directory (The root dir where wordpress is installed)  – /public_html

FTP Host  – ftp.ifoundafix.com

 I Hope you too have Found A Fix!



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