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Windows Safe Mode stuck on agp440.sys or will not boot

Posted under Vista, XP by ifoundafix

The other day while browsing the Internet I Found A Fix for a recent problem I was having. The issue is described as follows;

The solution and description to this error is set out below;

The solution is to boot from your Windows XP or Vista CD.

Press R for Recovery Console. From here you meed to run ‘Chkdsk /p’ . Type exit and the computer should reboot into normal mode. I always recommend after this you then run the chkdsk again from the Windows side (only slightly different).

Click on start, run and type ‘chkdsk /f /r’ and type ‘y’ when prompted to do so. You should then reboot the pc and allow the chkdsk to run again.

Finally, i’d also recommend you update your bios to the newest available revision. Check this with the manufacturers website.

I hope you too have Found A Fix!

  1. Bugs Bunny Said,

    I had a similar problem and tried everything. This error – agp440.sys is a catch all that really means something has changed. If you have a USB drive connected then remove it. Also disconnect your CD/DVD drives. This was my problem I had removed the drives to config another PC and now my PC doesn’t like the drives. I will now play around to see the precise problem, perhaps they need to be cabled in order. But the drives were my problem.

  2. Ronson Said,

    Can’t tell you how glad I was to find this. Fixed my problems.

    Thank you.

  3. Gordon Robertson Said,

    I had that problem on a brand new Intel motherboard years ago. After boot, it would freeze with the marquee as the little dashes went across the screen. In safe mode, it always froze at mup.sys. I think AGP444.sys is the one it fails on and is not listed.

    Anyway, it turned out to be a bad processor. I took it back and the retailer changed the processor (2 Ghz Celeron), and away it went. He was just as baffled as me and changed it just to humour me, but that did the trick.

  4. Johan Said,

    Thanx – after almost giving up – this tip solved the problem for me, excellent! Though i could write my laptop off 🙂

  5. Sheila Said,

    but my computer didn’t come with a disk, so now what?

  6. IFAF Said,

    You should be able to work around this problem using the steps outlined here;


  7. j9ine Said,

    i have win xp sp3 and still get a blue screen flashing and when going thru safe command prompts and networks it stops at agp440.sys cant even do a clean install because it freezes at the eula agreement even repairs can go into because admin pw i forgot any ideas to get me started

  8. admin Said,

    Have you considered bad RAM? If you have two sticks, remove one and try booting. If the problem persists, reinsert that RAM and remove the other one. Also, are there any beeps on boot?

  9. WWSEA Said,

    Thank you very much. After a day of searching and trying to repair my Window XP, this solved my problem.

  10. Kishiyama Daikogi Said,

    Happened to me too, but it told me what was wrong the first time i booted normally.

  11. Jono Said,

    champion – thanks very much. all sorted!

  12. msc Said,

    Thanks a bunch! This works. I was able to recover everything. Would not know what to do if this is not available. Much appreciated.

  13. Richard Said,

    Running chkdsk worked for me to solve the hanging/rebooting on agp440.sys Said one or more errors were found. Then PC booted successfully. Thanks!

  14. Peter Said,


  15. Copafield Said,

    Worked a treat for me – nothing but praise!

  16. George K Said,

    Dell Lat C640 laptop, started making screeching audio noises a day ago, then hanging, frozen mouse, then would not boot, then safe mode boot would hang on the agp440.sys.
    Installed XP system disk as instructed, chose R for Recovery, at Dos prompt typed chkdsk, again chkdsk /p, ran one more time, now it boots, doing a previously scheduled ckdsk in XP now. Will see how it goes. BTW the built diagnostics where reporting a bad disk before with a 1000-1304 error code I think, but I did manage several safe mode boots past that so don’ believe disk s bad just yet.

  17. George K Said,

    Seems like I have a bad audio device on my laptop motherboard, that makes sense. No audio device was found, device can not start, code 10, also modem makes it hang.

  18. George K Said,

    Update, might just be the modem that is messing uo the sound car, I unplugged the internal modem and trying it now.

  19. Perry B Said,

    Worked! Thanks so very much.

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